Access To Advice From Director Level HR Consultants

HR Advisory

HR Advisory gives you access to the advice, knowledge and experience of director-level Human Resource specialists who have the high level experience that every business actually needs. Our HR Consultants are industry veterans, having accumulated many years of experience across every sector in senior roles with a diverse range of organisations.

Get the answers you need (when you need them) with ongoing phone and email access to a Senior HR Consultant.

The HR Advisory gives you phone and email access to the wealth of experience inside the Human Outsource team who are here to help you out with fast general advice on every aspect of your HR including:

  • Recruitment
  • Orientation
  • Induction
  • Training
  • Professional and personal development
  • Disciplinary management
  • Safety; and Dismissal/ termination.
  • HR Fundamentals

    Everything you need for instant control on your HR policies. When it comes to ensuring the basic HR policies and procedures are in place, HR risk is minimized and you have the right processes to maximise the potential of and retain your people, HR Fundamentals is an excellent place to start. Beginning with a full HR HealthCheck, we’ll explore every critical aspect of HR strategy in your organization – from recruiting to warnings and exits. The purpose of the HR HealthCheck is to pinpoint any areas where compliance is compromised and you’re exposed to unnecessary risk. Once we have a good understanding of your status we can set about providing you with the specific solutions you need to bring your human resources planning entirely under control.

    HR Fundamentals is ideal for anyone who’s not 100% sure their employment contracts, HR systems, HR training and management processes are water-tight and up to date.

    It’s also for people who aren’t human resources managers and have other important jobs to manage. By the time we’re done, your business will have the increased protection of a full suite of up-to-date, fully compliant HR policies procedures and documents you can rely on, including:

    Procedures, policies and templates for recruitment & selection Employment Contracts Position or job Descriptions Processes and templates for the correct management of leave Procedures, policies and tools for Performance management and development Guidelines and procedures for the proper management of harassment, sexual discrimination, bullying, discrimination and victimisation in the workplace Disciplinary policy procedures and templates Dismissal & termination administration process and templates.

    The thought of the labour / union officer or other government official knocking on your door is obviously not ideal, so it could be time to consider HR Fundamentals. As part of our HR consulting services, our HR Fundamentals suite will improve your compliance and assist in having the tools that will enable you to bring your Human Resources strategy up to date in no time. With your handy new suite of HR policies, procedures and documents; you can be confident knowing you’re in good step from the moment you bring people through the door to the moment they leave.

    Help to keep your HR policies and procedures up to date

    Keeping your HR systems in pace with legislation changes can be a challenge. That’s why we developed our Managed HR Docs service. We keep all your HR documents and we’ll make sure they’re always in step with any legislation or best practice changes that take place.

    Get the right advice at the same time

    For fast answers to everyday questions HR Advisory gives you email and phone access to a virtual HR Manager. You can benefit from the vast experience of the OutResources-HR team at any time without the expense of having them in your office all the time. HR Advisory is available during business hours to answer your questions and provide you with general advice in relation to common HR issues.

    HR Manager

    Now you can have big business HR solutions at a small business price Effective Human Resources planning is ultimately about people, productivity and profit. If you’re committed to maximising the potential of your workforce, increasing productivity, retention and performance, while also taking care of compliance fundamentals, at last you can do it with HR Manager. Outresources-HR consulting also offer additional support for Safety documents should you need it.

    With HR Manager, you can access the experience and knowledge you’d get with an experienced, high-level team on board for a fraction of the cost.

    In fact, for around the same as you’d pay for a part time administrative assistant (with no HR experience), you can have the same level of skill and experience available to you that only large businesses can usually afford. HR Manager gives you a dedicated account manager who will visit your business regularly and work with you as part of your team. They’ll liaise, meet with and train your people just like an in-house HR team would; and when they’re not on site, they’re just an email or phone call away. Why a dedicated HR team is essential Big businesses invest heavily in HR and Safety to maximise productivity and mitigate the risks of getting it wrong. But to achieve this they need to employ a whole team of HR professionals and legal advisors to access the breadth of knowledge, skills and experience needed. Navigating the risky and ever-changing world of workplace law is no small feat and requires the best efforts from their human capital. The vast majority of businesses in this country simply cannot afford these resources so we developed the HR Manager package to provide an affordable solution. Your own Safety and HR Manager for a fraction of the cost With HR Manager, you’ll have a dedicated HR consultant, and they’ll have the support of every other consultant and Legal Advisor in the Human Outsource team. Now you can compete with big business. Not only will you have your Safety and HR policies always up to date, you’ll have a dedicated resource to assist you with recruiting your people, inducting your people, training your people, developing your people and, when the time comes, saying good bye. HR Manager provides you with:

  • A full suite of up-to-date HR policies and procedures, documents and templates (HR Fundamentals)
  • 24/7 HR document compliance (Managed HR Docs)
  • Unlimited phone & email based HR Consultancy (HR Advisory)
  • Optional Safety document support
  • Plus, you have: A dedicated HR Consultant available whenever you need them; and They’ll be right there in your business once a month.
  • Employment Contracts


    We understand the need for quality HR documents that you can trust to be lawful and complete. This includes permanent, casual, and temporary employer-employee agreement contract templates. Using these employment templates makes managing staff members easy and stress-free. All of the HR documents, including employment contracts, have been legally reviewed. Access to these documents lets you be your own virtual HR manager. Our documents allow your business to thrive with legally sound documentation. Our contracts look after the interests of both you and employees from the beginning of their employment, up until they leave the business. Along with employment agreement contract form templates, we also provide businesses with a range of other procedure and document templates. You’ll find everything you need to ensure the effective management and happiness of your staff. Some examples of other areas we can assist with are:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction and on-boarding
  • Probation management
  • Leave management
  • Managing bullying, discrimination, harassment and victimisation matters
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Discipline and dismissal/termination administration
  • Talent and Succession planning
  • HR administration
  • Safety management
  • Whether you are after a standard job termination letter, contract of employment agreement template, or other human resources documentation, we will ensure your business has all it needs for smooth running HR.

    HR Health Checks

    Discover how well your HR policies and procedures will stand up to LEGAL SCRUTINY It’s a fact; workplace litigation is on the rise and inadequate or out-of-date HR management can result in enormous unnecessary risk to your business... regardless of how positive your employee relationships may seem right now.

    The good news is that you can use our outsourced HR services to quickly get a handle on your HR and mitigate any unnecessary risks you may be running.

    Know where you stand We developed the HR HealthCheck to reveal precisely that... In a 2 hour consultation (plus document review time), we’ll conduct a full audit of your existing HR policies, procedures and documents to ensure they are compliant with current legislation and HR best practice. Each of your existing processes will be carefully scrutinised, including:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction and on-boarding
  • Probation management
  • Management of entitlements such as remuneration, incentives & leave
  • Complaints management
  • Training and development
  • Discipline & exit administration
  • All your documents will be thoroughly reviewed, including:

  • Recruitment and selection tools
  • Induction documentation & manuals
  • Employment contracts, agreements & awards
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance management & development tools
  • Performance improvement templates
  • Warning templates
  • Talent profiling templates
  • Succession planning templates, and so on.
  • The comprehensive report that follows will give you a good understanding of what you’re doing well and reveal the areas where your HR planning might be falling down. Most importantly, you’ll be one important step closer to making the changes that will get you to sleep-at-night level HR. Take control of your HR practices Because we specialise in HR and our highly experienced consultants are always up to date with the most recent employment legislation and best practice, we’re well equipped to carry out fast and reliable audits. In a very short space of time, you’ll have a good understanding of what you’re doing well and where your HR planning might be falling down. Most importantly, you’ll be one important step closer to making the changes that will get you to a sleep-at-night level of human resources management. More often than not, an HR HealthCheck will reveal areas of your HR Management that need addressing. After all, most businesses simply can’t afford to retain the high-level team of HR experts required to maintain perfectly compliant HR policies and procedures. Sometimes you’ll just need a few document updates... sometimes there are procedures that are missing... sometimes you just desperately need new HR systems. Absolutely everything and anything you may require is available to you in our HR Fundamental offer.

    ManagedHR Docs

    Up-to-the-minute HR compliance management Workplace law is extremely complex and frequently changing, which can make it very difficult to handle HR ‘part time’.

    We see it as our job to stay on top of legislation affecting businesses as well as current employment case law and recommend a best practice system on your behalf.

    That’s why many businesses rely on us to keep all their HR policies, procedures and document templates up to date at all times. Instead of relying on positive employee relationships to insure against unfair dismissal claims, adverse action claims or other industrial relations concerns, you’ll have real peace of mind knowing your HR policy templates, procedures, contracts and documents are compliant with the most recent legislation.

    Managing Redundancies

    Everything you need to know in the inevitable need to lay off staff on basis of redundancy. When it comes to ensuring complete adherence to the provisions of the law in managing a redundancy situation there is no better place to start than with Outresources HR consultants.

    We will share best practices in managing the redundancy process in a pain-free and legal manner.

    We provide you with a full checklist on step-by- step basis that you need to be compliant with the provisions of the Employment Act. We will walk with you right through the process. We will assist you make your process completely legal and avoid painful and costly legal processes and bad press that inevitably follow a badly managed process.